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We are promt engineer artists who use Midjourney, an A.I. software to generate all of the shown designs. We are huge fans of fantasy and science-fiction, which surely shows in our designs.
Our job after finding the right prompt input, is to select cool, trendy and fitting designs, edit them, create a collection and portray them in the shop. 

What does that mean? Every design on our website is entirely unique. There are no other shops using these designs. Additionally they are further edited by us, so that they represent our idea of style and quality.

Our goal is to create products that reflect the individual styles of young people today and in doing so, help them express their own individuality through a unique design.

This artwork on the right is one of our favourites we've generated since we started this journey. We're totally amazed by how an A.I. is able to create compositions like this and tell unwritten stories through an interpretation of a string of text.

If you have an idea for an own unique design, please write us below with a rough (or detailed) description of what you are looking for. Bare in mind, the A.I. has it's own interpretation. What you might envision, might not be the same thing the A.I. will produce! :) 

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